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At the beginning of March 2018, Luoyang Casting trading Co.,Ltd to further explore the international market foreign trade business, to India to participate in the 12th session of the IREFCON, and on-site visits to research the local steel enterprises in India.


On the morning of March 7, Casting Foreign Trade department members arrived at the 12th session of the International Vivanta Hotel in New Delhi. During the period from March 7 to March 9, the General Assembly conducted the process of registration reception, indoor exhibitions, presentations by experts from all over the world, and high-end forums. In the speech link, TATA STEEL , RHI (magnesium), IMERYS and VESUVIUS and other industry giants are present.In the exhibition activities, a number of well-known metallurgical refractories, steel industry equipment suppliers appear in the exhibition venue. Casting Foreign Trade Department actively communicate with foreign investors., introduced our variety, excellent quality of continuous casting mold flux, covering agent, stuffing sand, refining slag and some advanced automation equipment. At the same time, extensive understanding of overseas market quotes, expressed the intention and desire for cooperation.


Over the next more than 10 days, the Casting team went to Hospet, Pune, Visakhapatnam, Po Shing, Lanchi, Raigar, Raipur and Calcutta, and actually visited a number of steel enterprises and materials companies. Have a more direct and practical understanding of the Indian steel-resistant material market. Which ELECTROSTEEL ; KALYANI;MONNET and MECON , and many other steel and timber enterprises, have to carry out further cooperation with US program.


China and India are among the most populous countries in the world and are also the world's steel giants. Global crude steel production was 1.6912 billion tonnes in 2017, according to the World Steelworkers Association, released on January 24. Crude steel production in China was 831.7 million tonnes, an increase of 5.7% per cent year-on-year, with crude steel production in Japan 104.7 million tonnes, up 5.7% per cent year-on-year, and India's crude steel production at 101.4 million tonnes, an increase of 6.2% in Year-on-year. India's steel industry has gained momentum in recent years, reaching a new milestone, close to the production of Japan, the world's second-largest producer of steel. Indian steel giants such as the Indian Steel Authority, Tata Steel and Jindal, have made many contributions to this end. At home and abroad in the situation of steel market gradually warmer trend, the Casting Foreign trade sector far to the Indian market in-depth research, expressed the company vigorously promote foreign trade business attitude and determination. Adhere to the steady growth, look to the long-term, take a new type of open enterprise economic development model.









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