Ladle filler sand



To solve the defect of low automatic pouring rate, excessive oxygen burning and interruption in continuous casting process, our company has developed and produced a series of aluminum and chromium ladle chromium-containing diversion sand(or stuffing sand) products (National Invention Patent).

This kind of chromium contained diversion sand is used in ladle nozzle, the main chemical components are Cr   2O3,SiO2,Al2O3 and C.


The major characteristic for Ladle filler sand:


The series of products have advantages of good flowing property, high refractoriness and resistance to steel water erosion permeates, which could form appropriate sintered layer thickness, improve automatic flow ratio from ladle, reduce oxygen blowing and drainage , enhance the quality of steel blank and assure of smooth conduction for continuous process.


Characteristics of Chromium-containing diversion sand series


Ordinary-sized diversion sand YL-1

Suitable for ordinary steel making process without refining process. The teeming time of molten steel is less than 1 hour.

Refining diversion sand YL-2

Suitable for LF furnace and RH furnace refining,the teeming time of molten steel are between 1 to 2.5 hours.

VD furnace diversion sand YL-3:

Suitable for VD furnace, LF furnace ,RH furnace and other refining types. The teeming time of molten steel are between 2.5 to 4 hours.