Refining slag



Refining slag series are important material which applicable to the ladle refining process, our refining slag series products include premelting refining slag, sintering refining slag and synthetic refining slag etc.

Refining slags select multiple raw materials to premelt, sintered or synthesize and produce, mainly content is 12Ca·7Al2O3.The products can realize slagging rapidly, absorption of molten steel inclusion , deoxidization&desulphurization and submerged arc.

During the ladle refining process, the products can shorten steel-making time ,adsorb inclusions and purify the liquid steel effectively.


Product advantages:


1. Proper chemical composition, rapid slagging to shorten the melting time.
2. Reduce the refining time and consumption
3. Reduce the consumption of ladle refractories, improve the ladle life.
4. Good Deoxidization & desulphurization effect.
5. Low melting point, good effect to absorb inclusion during the ladle blowing argon and electric furnace tapping process.

Refining slag Parameters:




Refining slag series


Premelted refining slag

Melting the raw material into the liquid state at a temperature which is higher than the slag melting point ,cooling down,the crushed slag used for steel making

Sintered refining slag

After the raw materials mixed, heating at the temperature which is lower than the melting point of the raw material,then sintered the raw materials together and then crushed them into the slag for steel making

Synthetic slag

The molten steel flushes the slag in the ladle in order to further improve the quality of molten steel. Aim to reduce the oxygen, sulfur and non-metallic contents in steel.